SH-270 Lanyard w/ Double Bulldog Clip (3/8"x36")

SH-270 Lanyard w/ Double Bulldog Clip (3/8"x36")

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When you give out this lanyard, customers will continue to wear it and advertise your brand even after the main event! It's a special polyester strap that measures 3/8" x 36", comes in several colors, and features a bulldog clip on each end. You can attach one end to your clothes while holding onto a badge on the other. Silkscreen this with your company name or logo and give this out at your next convention for a successful promotion!

Available colors: Brown, Red, Light Purple, Purple, Teal, Green, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Black, Yellow, White, Magnolia, Tan, Maroon, Orange, Kelly Green, Gray

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